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Our Motto

"The Best Kept Secret in the State of Alabama"

where we strive for

"Excellence in Action"

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Katherine H. Hankins Middle School is to establish a culture which empowers adults and students to lead.

History of Katherine H. Hankins Middle School

Mrs. Katherine H. Hankins
Mrs. Katherine H. Hankins

Hankins Middle School was dedicated in the spring of 2001. The facility bears the name of Katherine Hasty Hankins, an educator who spent forty years serving the school in many roles. Mrs. Hankins served as boys' football, basketball, and softball coach; girls' basketball and softball and track coach; teacher of biology, chemistry, physics, and science; assistant principal and instructional specialist. Her father, Mr. Nathan Ludy Hasty, donated most of the acreage the school was built upon.

The school is composed of many buildings and lines both sides of Katherine Hankins Drive. The oldest building, a four-room stucco, is known as the Hand-Hasty Building. This building opened its doors to students in September of 1918. Indoor plumbing was installed in 1926. The school during that era was called Theodore School.

A second building was added in 1924. It could be converted from a two-room classroom building to an auditorium by removing a partition. The community would gather in this building after school hours to listen to a cabinet-model radio and watch moving pictures on Friday evenings.

A third building was added in the summer of 1927. The Dawes School Building added four more classrooms to the campus. Today, this building is maintained by alumni and contains memorabilia of the time.

A fourth building was added in 1935. The Nan Gray Davis Building, as it was later named, was the first building to be located on the west side of Katherine Hankins Drive. this building at that time contained four classrooms without indoor plumbing. The facility continued to be known as Theodore School with an enrollment of seventy students served by three instructors, including the principal.

At the beginning of the 1948-49 school session, a new six-room brick addition was constructed directly behind the Nan Gray Davis Building. For the first time, the school housed a separate principal's office and a small room which was used as a library. Prior to this, all principals were teaching principals, and the library was located in a cloakroom.

In 1950, a second brick addition joined the complex. It consisted of more classrooms, a combination auditorium/gymnasium, and physical education dressing rooms. The auditorium was dedicated to Mr. Hasty and named the N.L. Hasty Auditorium on March 15, 1960. A third addition in 1953, which included six classrooms, connected the auditorium/gymnasium to the other buildings on the west side of the street.

Although a sixteen-classroom addition was added in 1961, the growing community needed a separate high school. A new high school opened on Swedetown Road in 1982 and the buildings on Katherine Hankins Drive became known as Theodore Middle School.

A renovation of the buildings was completed in the year 2000. Shortly after that the buildings were renamed in honor of Katherine H. Hankins.

In the fall of 2002, a twenty-six-room addition was added to the complex. The addition was needed to accommodate the sixth grade students who joined the school during the 2002-03 school term. The enrollment increased from 845 students to 1,100 students. The teaching staff increased from 53 teachers to 60.

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