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Scholar's Bowl

Scholar's Bowl is a club that teases your brain. In this club you are asked extremely hard, thought-provoking questions which have to be answered with speed and accuracy. It's conducted in a game show format similar to Jeopardy where the students buzz in when they think they have the correct answer. The Scholar's Bowl teams meet weekly for practice. Scholar's Bowl coaches are Mrs. Steiner and Mr. Mosier.


2016-2017 Scholar’s Bowl Competition Schedule



Wednesday, October 19                          Hankins vs. Grand Bay

                                                                        @ Grand Bay Middle School



Wednesday, November 16                      Hankins vs. St. Dominic’s and Burns

                                                                        @ Hankins Middle School



Wednesday, January 11                           Hankins vs. Causey

                                                                        @ Causey Middle School



Wednesday, February 8                           Hankins vs. Alba and Pillans

                                                                        @ Alba Middle School



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