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Subjects Taught
Math Enrichment


2002 - 2004  University of South Alabama  Mobile, AL    Masters in Special Education   Collaborative Teacher 6-12

1994 - 1997  Central Missouri University   Warrensburg, MO  Bachelors in Elementary Education   Life Time Teaching Certificate 1-8

Additional Training

•·        Alabama Reading Initiative

•·        QRI III

•·        Language !

•·        Failure Free Reading

•·        HOTS

•·        SETS Administrator

•·        COMPS- Classroom Organization and Management Program

•·       AMSTI First and Second year Math


2004 - Present              Hankins Middle School                        Mobile, AL

Special Education Teacher

• Read Naturally Research Based Reading Intervention

•·Inclusion and Collaboration Teacher

2003 - 2004                  Mae Eanes Middle School                   Mobile, AL

Special Education Teacher

•·Failure Free Reading Teacher

•·Inclusion and Collaboration Teacher

2002 - 2003                  Mae Eanes Middle School                   Mobile, AL

Special Education Teacher

•·Pre-vocational Job Skills

•·Life Science

•·Language Arts

1983 - 2002                  Naman Marketing, Inc.                        Mobile, AL

Business Owner

•·Marketing and Sales, developed and implemented marketing plan and support materials for various food product lines sold in the South-eastern region.

•·Project management, responsible for the purchase, licensing, bookkeeping, sale of product, sales accounting of several fishing trawlers, including the hiring of crew, repair and maintenance of the vessels.

•·Manager of rental properties, purchased, maintained and rented several area rental properties. Responsible for insurance, bookkeeping, and subsequent sale of the property.

1977 - 1982                  First Impression Day Care        Blue Springs, MO


Designed and implemented school educational programs for privately owned, for profit, licensed day school, infant through 12 years of age (108 full time students). Interviewed, hired and trained certified teachers.  Responsible for student enrollment, testing and placement.

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