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Computer Applications


W. P. Davidson High School - Mobile, Alabama 

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration – Mobile College, 1983

Master of Arts, Elementary Education – University of Mobile, 1995



Graduate Assistant - University of Mobile 1994-1995 

Woodcock Elementary School 1997-1998   Grade 5

Meadowlake Elementary School 1998-2002   Grades 4 and 6

Hankins Middle School 2002-Present   Grades 6, 7 and 8


I am a native Mobilian, and received my K-12 education within the public school system of which am now an employee.  During my elementary school years, grades 1-6, I attended Elizabeth Fonde Elementary School.  For middle school, grades 7 and 8, I attended Azalea Road Junior High School, which was renamed Jeremiah Denton Middle School in 2002.  During high school, grades 9-12, I attended W. P. Davidson High School.  I later went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Mobile College and a Master of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mobile.

In the early nineties, I decided to embark upon a new adventure in life and began preparing for a "second career."  After having spent many years in the "business world," I returned to college to pursue an additional degree in education.  My decision to enter the teaching profession was based on the fact that I felt as though I had a "calling."  I believe that the mission of this calling involves much more than just the educational process; this calling also involves helping students become productive citizens of their community.

Since I began my employment with the Mobile County Public School System in 1997, I have taught at the elementary level at both Woodcock and Meadowlake Elementary Schools.  While in the elementary school setting, I taught self-contained classes in both the fourth and fifth grade.  In 2002, I transferred to Hankins Middle School, after new facilities to accommodate sixth grade students were completed.  While teaching sixth grade at HMS, I taught Social Studies and Math.

In 2007, I began teaching a Computer Applications course, which is a technology elective offered to eighth grade students.  At the present time, this is one of the few courses offered at HMS that, upon passing, results in a high school credit for the student.  In addition to teaching computer classes, I am also the school's Technology Support Teacher, with the responsibility for providing school-wide technical support for the faculty, staff and students of HMS.

I am a past member and Inaugural President of Kappa Delta Pi Educational Honor Society and a past member of Kappa Delta Epsilon Educational Honor Society.  In 1996, I was named Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities and was named Who's Who Among America's Teachers in 2006.  During the 2005-2006 school year, I was chosen "Teacher of the Year" by my peers at HMS.

I have served as both Social Studies and Math Department Chairperson and have worked as site coordinator for Cougar Camp, the HMS Bridges Program, in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  I have also served as Team Leader, Team Scheduler, BBSST Grade Level Facilitator, PTO Executive Board Member, and co-chaired the Crisis Management Team at Meadowlake Elementary School.  I was TALENTS trained in 1998, and in 2002, I was selected to participated in the WebQuest Technology Grant.

I enjoy providing technical assistance for the faculty, staff, and students of HMS and look forward to the day-to-day challenges that are a part of working with middle schoolers!

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