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I graduated from Brenau University in 2001 with a BS in Middle grades education.  I then completed my MS in curriculum and development in 2007. 


I started dmy teaching career at Loganville Middle School in  2001.  I taught 6th grade math my first year there.  The following year I moved to teaching Language Arts.  I was able to stay at home with my girls for two years then return to teaching Language Arts for three more years. 

After moving to Alabama, I taught at Denton Middle School for a year.  I now have been at Hankins  for nine years.


Hello, I'm Jennett  Sandman.  I would love to tell you everything about myself, but I'll keep it simple.  I grew up outside of Chicago and graduated from Schaumburg High School.  I have two sweet girls.  Julia is fourteen and Emma is tthirteen.

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